Monday, March 14, 2011

Seven In Starfleet (Part One)

I am relaing in my Ready Room with a cup of earl grey tea and two chocolate biscuits. I am just about to dunk the first one into the cup when Seven Of Nine strides in. The suddeness of it causes the entire biscuit to drop into the tea.


"I wish to speak to you. Locutus." she demands, as if I have any choice in hearing the drone drone away for who knows how long.

"What is it, Seven?" I ask annoyingly, as I try to fish the remains of my chocolate biscuit out of my tea with a spoon.

"I have observed that in recent times, you have promoted Jennifer Baxter, T'Pol and Britney." she starets, and I can see this is leading to something I won't like.

"Err....yes." I confirm.

"But you have not promoted me." Seven tells me in a sharp tone.

I nearly fall off the chair in astonishment, but manage to regain my composure.

"But Seven." I answer, "You are not even IN Starfleet! You are merely a guest on the ship as part of a truce between your Borg Queen and us, so you can observe human ways."

"That is irrelevent." the drone snaps, "When I told the Queen, she thought I ought to be promoted as well and be a member of Starfleet."

"You can't be a member of the Borg AND of Starfleet!" I protest, although I haven't a chance of winning this argument.

"Why not?" answers Seven, "There are many races on the Enterprise, "You will promote me to Commander immediately, Locutus."

Then, I see a flaw it what she is saying.

"You have to earn your status, Seven." I reply, "You will have to take the Starfleet Entrance Exam, and the Ensign Exam.. If you take and pass those together, you can be an Ensign in Starfleet. Like the others, you will get promotion on merit.."

"Very well." Seven replies, "I shall take those exams and pass easily." Satisfied for now, she walks out of the Ready Room while I go on the hunt for my biscuit, which the tea appears to have melted. Will Riker comes in.

I tell him what Seven has asked for.

"She'll never pass, will she?" asks Riker, amazed, "I mean...having a Borg drone actually in Starfleet."

"I don't know, Number One." I reply, "She may just do it and actually be one of us."

To be continued.........


The Curmudgeon said...

Will looks like he's had a hard night. Did someone slip something nasty in his donuts?

dragonflyfilly said...

i hope i am never assimilated 'specially if i have to drink Earl Grey tea!! lol

Michael Manning said...

Better to give it your all even in this argument, Captain! ;)