Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Seven In Starfleet (Part Two)

Guest Poster: Seven Of Nine

The time is coming up to when I'll be sitting my Starfleet Entrance Exam and be an actual Ensign. Locutus is not very pleased that a Borg drone could be a fully fledged member of his staff and in Starfleet, rather than just an observer on the Enterprise.

I am summoned by Locutus to a meeting where we can video conference with the Borg Queen. The machine flickers on, and I see the face of my Queen.

"Hello, Seven." she starts, "It is wonderful to see my favourite drone again. What is it you want, Locutus? I hope you have not found a way to stop her taking this exam."

"No answers Locutus, "I have spoken with the Starfleet Admirals, and despite their objections, I have managed to persuade them that it will be in the intersts of good Federation-Borg relations if we let Seven take them exam."

"Excellent." the Queen enthusiastically, "But in that case, why are we here talking about it? I sense there is still some sort of problem."

"There is." Locutus sats hesitantly, "The Admirals have said Seven would undoubtably get 100% marks because she can call on the Hive Mind of the Borg and get the answers from all the Starfleet staff that have been assimilated in the past. That would be like cheating. The only way Seven can take the exam is if we cut her off from the Borg."

"NOOOOOOO!!!!!!" I scream out, "I can't lose the connection!!"

The Borg Queen looks at me intently.

"Now listen, Seven." she says, "We both want you in Starfleet, but unfortunately Locutus is right. You would be able to call up any memories in the Hive Mind. I can switch off the connection here, and as soon as you've finished it, I'll switch it right back on. It'll only be for a short time."

"Are you ready to start the exam in a few moments, Seven?" Locutus asks me.

"Very well." I answer, "You may sever the connection, my Queen."

I hear a click, and all of a sudden, my mind is emptied. I scream out.

"The voices have gone!" I call out, "I'm totally alone and isolated!"

"Pull yourself together, Seven." the Queen orders on the video monitor, "Now go and do that exam. The Collective will be waiting for you when you get back."

I hold my head. My mind is in disarray. Locutuis takes me to the exam room. However will I manage to qualify on my own?

To be continued after the TWQ......


The Mistress of the Dark said...

Always fun to see what the Borg are up to. :)

Michael Manning said...

The Collective sound serious!

Heather Dugan (Footsteps) said...

Please tell me those aren't crib notes on your arm...!

Gordon said...

Well too right, can't have here tap in to the knowledge base, have to be on her on head..

Fly Girl said...

Yes, accessing the Hive Mind is cheating but I'm sure Seven can do it on her own!

Benedick said...

It can't really have effect, I think this way.
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