Wednesday, October 06, 2010

A Cure For T'Pol (Part Two)

Guest Poster: Ensign Britney

With my lover and friend T'Pol not having long to live due to her having Tavellian Fever, Captain Picard has allowed a group of five to go on a secret mission to the planet Tavella, situated in the Romulan Empire to obtain the only antidote that will cure her. I am on board a small ship with Jennifer Baxter, Ro Laren, Jadzia Dax and Deanna Troi.


We've only bean going a short time when the squabbles start, with arguments about who is leading the mission..

"Well I say Britney should lead it." says Jadzia, "After all, it is her girlfriend that we are trying to save!"

"She doesn't have any leadership skills." Jenny says, as she carries her traditional fighting leather outfit in one hand and her multiphase disruptor in another, "I need to lead this mission. We'll go in with all guns blazing and get the cure for T'Pol."

"And start a galaxy-wide war with the Romulans at the same time." Ro Laren tells her, "Look, the only person here with Commander rank is Deanna. She needs to be our leader."

All our eyes look towards Deanna, who up to now had been sitting in one of the back seats in the ship reading Galactic Fashion Monthly.

"What?" she exclaims, "You want me to be in charge? Oh all right."

Deanna puts down her magazine somewhat reluctantly, and looks at us all.

"Jenny." she starts, "I agree with Ro. We can't go in violently. We can only start if we face any form of aggression. Even then, diplomacy will always come first."

Jenny puts her gun down, looking somewhat disappointed.

"Then what are we gonna do, boss?" I ask Deanne is a tired, but slightly sarcastic tone, "Are we going to go to the Tavellian Pharmacy and ask them for the antidote?"

"Don't worry, Britney." Deanna says, "I think I have an idea..."

To be continued after the TWQ....


RSA Online said...

Ha Britney FTW :D

Ciera said...

Logically the highest rank should be in charge. And technically Brit shouldn't be allowed to go along because she's emotionally comprimised. But then it wouldn't be fun would it? Lol!

Jean-Luc Picard said...

Well thought out, Ciera!

Fly Girl said...

I think they should try to get the antidote!

EastCoastLife said...

Luckily the fight didn't go on for long, knowing how ugly it can be when girls fight. :P

best custom writing services said...

a bold Britney looks like an humanoid))) just look at her - a real alien :D