Monday, October 11, 2010

A Cure For T'Pol (Part Three)

Guest Poster: Deanna Troi

After the squabbles between the other women on our secret mission that Captain Picard has sent us on, it was finally agreed that I should be the leader as I had the Rank of Commander on the Enterprise.

What uis happening is that we are going to the planet Tevalla deep in the heart of the Romulan Empire to get the antidote for Tevallian Fever, which T'Pol has, and may not last long. Federation ships are forbidden to enter Romulan space, so we are running a risk big time. With me on the ship are Jadzia Dax, Jennifer Baxter, Ro Laren and also T'Pol's girlfriend Ensign Britney. We're running a danger having Britney with us, as she is an emotional wreck and is terrified that she might lose the girl in her life.


"I hope you know what we are going to do if a Romulan battlecruiser comes up to us." Ro asks me, "We haven't enough firepower to tap on their shields."

"That's the idea, Ro." I reply, "We are meant to adapt a diplomatic non-aggressive attitude. Possibly we can appeal to the Romulans sense of fair play?"

Jenny sneers at this remark.

"Listen." she starts, "The only way to get them is to blow them out of the sky. If any try to board our vessel, then this multiphase disruptor will disintegrate them for good."

"Put it down, Jenny!" I command, "We don't want you waving that around, otherwise it could go off at any time accidentally and make space dust of us all."

"Well someone had better do something soon." Jadzia warns, "Our long range sensors are picked up a Romulan battlecruiser heading this way. They have spotted us, and are obviously not coming for a cup of coffee and a chat. They have all weapons primed and ready to use."

"We're all gonna die!!" screams Britney, running around like a headless chicken, "Every one of us, and also my beloved T'Pol. I'm sorry we couldn't save you!"

"Not so fast." I answer, "We still have a chance. I've got to act fast, though."

With that, I run to the back of the ship to see if my idea will work.

To be continued....

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