Sunday, November 13, 2005

Geordi's Blind Date (Part One)


Yo! It's me, Geordi here again, man.

I've decided that I'm not going be the only one at the Enterprise Christmas Party without a date. I want to have a good looking chick with me for the occasion.

Hey! Even my pal Data is hitched up; he has Ensign Jennifer Baxter going with him. I tried to get Joanne Weston to come with me, but she treats me like I've got the Tyrellian Flu.

Then I saw this advert in The Federation Bugle:

Are you lonely? Do you need a a partner? Starfleet Singles can match you up using our advanced computer dating methods. Send off for our form and we'll find a partner for you.

Hey, this looks like Paradise City, Arizona!

Right away, I send off for a form on encrypted subspace. After all, we don't want the Main Man or any of the others to find out.

Less than two hours later, the form is here.

It says, "This is your chance to find happiness at last after years of failure; within these pages is your key to love."

Wow! Open the door; Fun City, Arizona lies ahead!

I look at the questions and answer them:

Name: Geordi La Forge

Age:Umm...36 32 25

Height: Umm.... 5 foot 5 inches 6 foot

Type of person: Human

Occupation: Chief Engineer, Starship Enterprise

What are you looking for in your partner: A hot babe between 18 and 30.

How far away would you want your partner to be?: Hey, I'm on a starship, man, distance is no object, though the Delta Quadrant is just a little too far! If she has her own shuttlecraft, it'll be a great bonus.

What type of person would you want your partner to be?: Preferably human. A Betazoid can tell what I'm thinking Klingons are way too aggressive, Ferengi are only interested in money, Vulcans are too cool in their emotions. After all, I want someone a little livelier, man!

Are you looking for a long or short term relationship?: As I haven't had one at all in recent times, I'm just looking for Romance City, Arizona.

I mail off the form again.

A few hours later, I get a response from 'Starfleet Singles'.

It says, Congratulations! We have found the ideal woman for you! She is Ensign Trisha Lewis of the Starship Orion. We suggest you send her a message saying that you are interested in meeting her.

I send a letter to the Orion to be read only by Ensign Lewis.

"Hey babe! This is your lucky day! The man of your dreams wants to contact you! I'm Geordi from the Enterprise, and our ships are due to meet in a couple of days. We can have a hot date then, that will be Joy City, Arizona. for both of us."

I get a reply a few minutes later,

"Dear Geordi, I look forward to our meeting and First Date when the Orion and Enterprise meet soon. Until then, Fondest Wishes, Trisha"

It looks like it's Cupid City, Arizona for Geordi and this gal, man!


ribbiticus said...

looks like fate just stepped in - lol!

michele sent me today, jean-luc. :)

Running2Ks said...

Ooooh, sounds like a fun date is shaping up.

Although the Ferengi women do run around naked all of the time, so maybe he dismissed them too soon?

margalit said...

Not much of a Star Trek fan, but I hope Geordie gets a date soon. Maybe if he didn't lie on his application he'd get laid more often.

Michele sent me.

Better Safe Than Sorry said...

i'm 47 but i think i'm pretty hot!!!
if things don't work out, drop me a line, i love parties.

Professor Xavier said...

Star Fleet runs a dating service? I suppose it was inevitable when they started letting women in the military. How is anyone suppose to get any work done out there with all that hootenanny going on?

MarkD60 said...

Can't beat that with a stick! I guess with your next post, this'll be pornoblog!

Jon the Intergalactic Gladiator said...

When did Arizona become romance capital of the universe?

natasha said...

Isn't every date a blind date for Geordi?

Helen Louise said...

*giggles* that entry was Amusement City, Oregon.

Shelley said...

Hey...Like, didn't Geordi get rid of the visor in Star Trek: Nemesis??? Great post!!! HAVE A SUPER DAY CAP'N!

Master Yoda said...

When did Arizona become romance capital of the universe?

Referring to Flagstaff, Geordi must be. Known as one of the most romantic locations on your planet, Flagstaff is. Paris, Milan, Flagstaff - all the same they are.

Arethusa said...

Geordi, I don't know how to break this to you gently, so I'll just say it: you really don't look 25 years old anymore. Really. I'm sorry.

Jean-Luc Picard said...

Geordi just THINKS he is 25!

Better Safe, I'll put you on the 'Starfleet Singles' list.

Natasha, well done on spotting the pun in the title.

Shelley, it's important to remember the time period this is set in. Geordi still has his visor.

Geordi is just trying to talk hip, by mentioning Arizona. He's not very good at it, which is why he is not good with dates.

Lori said...

Can't wait to see how this plays out!!!

Have a great day!!!

Jana said...

I think this bus stops at Geektown, Arizona, Geordi. Good luck with your date!

Trinity13 said...

What woman in her right mind would respond to letter like that?! She must be perfect for Geordi then! Heehee!!!

Ciera said...

It should be interesting, to say the least.

InterstellarLass said...

Can't wait to see her!

M. C. Pearson said...

Hmmm~I'm afraid. Very afraid.

Jean-Luc Picard said...

I think Geordi may soon be regretting his application to 'Starfleet Singles'.

Anonymous said...

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