Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Starfleet Redundancies (Part Four)

Alyssa Ogawa, T'Pol, Lieutenant Britney, Jennifer Baxter, Jadzia Dax, Deanna Troi, Seven of Nine and myself are all in the Ready Room, holding a crisis meeting.

We have all been made redundant by Starfleet's chief Evaluator, Shredder Smith!


"They can't do it!" Deanna shouts, "We are being persecuted."

"It's Brit and I who are being persecuted because we are gay!" comments an angry T'Pol.

"They think they are getting rid of all the dead wood." Alyssa chips in, "But we all do a vital job on the Enterprise, though some are not recognised."

"We can't let it happen." Jennifer tells us, "We have relationships with others on the ship, which would split us up. I have my Data, Jadzia has Worf, the Captain has Bev and Deanna has Will."

A lot of head nodding goes on at this.

"Look." I say, "We know the situation, but there is nothing we can do."

"How about if we take a starship and start as an independent outfit?" suggests Britney, "We could have a skull and crossbones as our emblem. You wouldn't need to have an eyepatch or have your leg off, Captain."

"Thanks!" I say drily, "However, I think you're delving into the realms of fantasy there. We can all find jobs to do when we leave Starfleet."

"As a mind reader, I suppose!" Deanna suggests.

"I should have guessed why you always win at poker, Deanna." Jadzia sarcastically adds.

Annika, currently in her Seven of Nine consiousness suddenly gets up, says "Enough!" and walks out of the room.

"What is that all about, Brit?" asks T'Pol.

"Search me." Britney answers, "We have more important things to sort out."

For the next fifteen minutes, we go through all solutions, such as looking through the JobGalaxy website, or opening a restaurant together, or signing on the dole.

Suddenly the door opens and Shredder Smith appears.

"Errr..." he stutteringly starts, "There has been a change of policy at Starfleet. It has been decided that no redundancies will be made at all. You will all remain in your current positions. Sorry for any difficulties that arose."

He turns around and quickly leaves. We all look puzzled. Seven of Nine/Annika returns to the room.

"Did YOU have something to do with this?" I ask.

"Seven did." she answers in her Annika voice, "She contacted the Borg Queen, who then told the President of the United Federation of Planets that the truce they had with the Borg would be torn up if the redundancies took place."

Everyone breathes a sigh of relief.

"We all owe Queenie a big favour." Deanna says to me as we leave the room.

"It worries me what she will want in return when we meet next!" I say.


The Curmudgeon said...

Beverly should worry more that you, Captain.

Susan said...

Perhaps we ought to introduce the Borg Queen to a few governments? lol

Linda said...

Just goes to show that the Queen still rules no matter what century you may be in!

Fly Girl said...

You can never outsmart the queen!