Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Looking Through CVs

Guest Poster: Will Riker

 Captain Picard has given Deanna and myseklf the unenviable task of looking through any applicants who want to join Starfleet. Though this is essentiallt done by the Academy, they thought we might be able to get a good idea of potential good students by looking through their CVs.

"These are a right shower, Deanna." I say disgustedly, "I doubt any of these will make it through the Academy, let alone get on a starship. They have no idea about how to write clearly.

"I know what you mean." answers Deanna Troi, "Listen to this one....I want to join Starfleet cuz I want to meet to meet lotz of sexy alien women."

"That's nothing." I reply, "James T Kirk said those very words on his CV when he applied to join. Still, times were different then."

"Quite so." Deanna answers, "He also adds....I also wanna blow up lots of evil aliens with my photon torpedoes."

"Perhaps we could put him in the diplomatic corps?" I slyly suggest.

"...If you want a galaxy war within a week!"  Deanna laughs. She takes a sip of her drinking chocolate, and I drink my coffee and eat my donut.

"Here's another one." I say, "She has sent her picture."

"She says....My name is Kara Thrace, although some call me Starbuck and want to be a pilot in Starfleet. I come from Caprica and was the top fighter pilot there. Give me a chance to prove myself.     She seems promising material, Deanna."

"I'm not sure, Will"  Deanna replies, "She looks a little too individual and wild for my liking.....listen to this other one...I want to be part of Starfleet for the glamour, the glory and the girls. If I save the universe a few times, then it's a bonus."

"That one is a real egotist." I tell her, "We don't want his sort in Starfleet."

"Then you'd better pack your bags, Will." laughs Deanna, "It was what you put on your CV many years ago."


The Curmudgeon said...

Deanna didn't play fair. Of course she could presumably 'read' Will's reaction to Starbuck's picture... which is probably why she did it.

The Mistress of the Dark said...

Deanna got the last laugh :)