Monday, September 05, 2011

Jenny & The Baroness (Part Two)

Guest Poster: Jennifer Baxter

I am in a shuttle heading for Minos III, where the notorious criminal The Baroness is carrying out a series of daring jewel robberies. Also with me are Britney and T'Pol who volunteered to help me. So far, all they have been doing is playing strip poker in the back while I pilot the ship!


"Put your clothes back on, you two!" I call out, "We are approaching Minos III and will be landing shortly."

I can hear the pair of them trying to sort out which articles of clothing belong to which woman. Eventually, they get it right and come forward, just as we are landing.

"Right then." I say, "I have heard that there is a big party going on tonight, attended by all the rich people of this world. The Baroness is bound to bee there, so let's intervene and catch her in the act."

"Well let's get ready then!" declares T'Pol, who is carrying a fearful looking Distorter. Britney has her Umbrella set to 'kill' and I have my multiphase disruptor. Wearing my leather outfit, so I won't be seen easily in the dark, I'm ready to go.


A few hours later, we are there at the country house, patrolling the grounds from different points. I know I could do with some hot coffee in this line of work.

Suddenly I see a leather-skinned figure jumping around the roof. I know it isn't me or Batgirl.

"Baxter to Britney and T'Pol." I call on my COM, "Target is on the roof. Meet me there!"

It only takes a few moments to climb a drainpipe, jump on to a lower roof, then on to the higher one.

"Stop right there, Baroness!" I yell, "I've got you this time!"

"Well, well." sneers The Baroness, in her best evil villainess tone, "If it isn't my friend Jennifer Baxter. Have you come to join me in the robbery? I'll split the takings 50-50. You know we'd make a great team. We are both the same type. Daring adventuresses with a liking for black leather."

"I've come for YOU." tell her coldly, "You're going to jail."

The Baroness sighs. "Last chance to join me?" I shake my head.

"What a pity." she says, and pulls out a gun before I can move. A searing heat from it hits my leg and I go down screaming. The Baroness leaps away, entering the house.

In a few moments, Britney and T'Pol come upon me, looking horrified.

"She's losing blood rapidly." diagnoses T'Pol quickly, "Jenny won't last much longer. Fortunately, I have some first aid with me and should be able to stem the bleeding. go after The Baroness...but be careful!"

To be continued.....


Ellee Seymour said...

Let's hope Britney survives her encounter with the ruthless Baroness.

The Curmudgeon said...

The Baroness won't know how to deal with the umbrella.

Michael Manning said...

The Baroness is serious!

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Auberon said...

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