Monday, September 19, 2011

Annika On The Enterprise (Part Three)

Guest Poster: Deanna Troi

Having done a counselliung session for Annika Hansen, I am now going to have to do one for Seven of Nine, her alter-ego. The pair share the same body as two different consiousnesses, one the Borg drone, the other is the blonde woman we can all see.

"All right, Annika." I say, can you let go for now, so that Seven can talk to me?"

"Very well, Deanna." Annika warns me, "But I tell you, all she does is moan and complain."

Annika closes her eyes, and looks at me in a sterner way.

"She WOULD say that, Counselor!"  exclaims the stiffened voice of Seven, "She might charm people with that blonde hair and eyelashes, but underneath, she is a cold manipulator!"

"Look, Seven." I remind her, "This session was to see how the two of you were getting on with each other. Clearly you are still having some antagonism."

"She always wants to be the one in control!" mutters Seven, "Just because in the mirrir everyone sees Annika, they think I have vanished. Well let me tell you, Deanna Troi, that Seven of Nine, Tertiary Adjunct of Unimatrix Zero is well and truly alive."

"I'm sure she is." I say, nodding, and doodling on my pad as I listen to her ranting on.

"Another thing." the blonde complains, although I can see in my mind the aggressive face and Seven still there with her implants, "I am being forced to eat the most disgusting and inedible food. When she goes to Ten Forward, I taste all what she has well. I've told her before, but Annika takes no notice."

I resist the urge to sdmile at this complaint, and merely reply, "I'll have a quiet word with Annika to see if you can compromise your meal times."

"You can be sure that I'll be mentioning this treatment to the Borg Queen next time she visits.." she drones on (hey, that was a good pun!), "I can tell you that she won't be very happy."

"Anything else, Seven?" I ask, although I regret, as it is only inviting a fresh torrent of Borg whines.

"Have you seen the clothes that Annika wears?" Seven mutters, "She wears the shortests skirts possible, and her tops are so revealing, I can tell the crewmen...and a few of the women are leering at her."

I don't mention to Seven that I was going to ask Annika if I can borrow some of her clothes from her wardrobe after this session as I needed them for a date with Will.

"Well, I suppose when her consiousness is paramount, Annika is free to wear what she likes." I offer as a means of explanation. Seven ignores me and gets up.

"This session is just like resistance...futile!" Seven snorts, "Well there had better be changes soon, and strides out.

Drat and double drat! As she was still thinking as Seven, I couldn't ask Annika for some of her clothes for my date tonight!


Anonymous said...
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Michael Manning said...

My first comment didn't take-so I'll repeat: "What a complicated web we weave". Counseling must be a chore! ;)

Gordon said...

Hmm time to have a minor transporter accident I think, just like happened to Will.
Annika gets one body, seven gets the other and everyone is happy..

Ellee Seymour said...

I am sure you are a wonderful counsellor, captain Picard.

Julius said...

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