Monday, September 12, 2011

Annika On The Enterprise (Part One)

Guest Poster: Annika Hansen

Getting used to a starship like the Enterprise is taking some time, despite the help I've had from many of it's crewmembers. After spending so long in Unimatrix Zero, the real world is something very different. My shared consiousness Seven of Nine, isn't a lot of help and will snort "Humans are irrelevent." at the most awkward times. As a result, it's me that says it.

I have been given Seven's old job in Astrometrics. She does give me tips occasionally, but if she is in a huff, and won't let her come to the fore in my consiousness every now and then, things can get very tricky.

Commander Riker comes up to me. He's not bad looking.

"Hello Annika." she says, "How are you doing on the Enterprise; do you like Astrometrics?"

"Fine, thank you, Commander." I reply, "Do you want to come to Ten Forward with me for a drink, then see the stars from my quarters?"

"Too direct!" warns Seven in my mind.

Riker goes red and nearly chokes on the donut he is eating at the time.

"Err...I'm really flattered." Riker answers, after gathering his thoughts, "Actually, Deanna Troi is my girlfriend, and am devoted to her."

"Such a pity." I say to myself, I think you would have liked my company. If you tire of Deanna, let me know."

"That won't happen, Annika." Riker comments, "But I appreciate the thought. Is it not time for your counselling session with Deanna?"

I look at the time, and head towards the office and knock on the door. Deanna is waiting for me.

"Hello, Annika." good to see you.

"Sorry I'm late, Counselor." I say, "I was just asking Commander Riker out on a date."

"Wrong!" shouts Seven in my consiousness, "Don't tell her that!"

"WHAT!" Deanna replies in a loud voice.

"It was all right." I quickly reply, "He turned me down, as he said he was devoted to you."

"Good job too." mutters the Counselor, "Look Annika, you can't go around asking men out when they are in another relationship."

"I understand." I reply.

Deanna sighs, as she seems to think this session will last a long time.

To be continued ...


Linda said...

Oh dear, seems like Annika has a lot to learn when it comes to human relationships. At least Deanna didn't jump up from her chair and start ripping Annika's hair out by the roots!

Michael Manning said...

Quite a replacement for Seven! ; )

writing service said...

who is the girl (or woman) on a second photo?? she is so beautyful!! I'm in love with her ....

Gordon said...

Oh Boy, fun times ahead that is for sure.

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