Monday, January 31, 2011

The Space Rift (Part One)

For once, things seem to be going calmly. mThat's a sure sign that something is going to happen.

Anyway, everyone is in their positions. I am in the Captain's Chair enjoying my Earl Grey, while Riker is having coffee and a donut. Like I said, everyone is in their normal places.

"So like I said." Riker drones on, "Deanna and I were watching As The Galaxy Turns yesterday on TV and it turns out that Brad is the secret son of Jeff and Miranda, when he thought his parents were Tom and Eleanor. Not only that, Sally has been arrested by the police, but was framed by Christina who wanted they boyfriend Jack to herself. Meanwhile..."

"Sensors reveal object 20 parsecs away." Data suddenly states. What a relief that was! Saved by the android!

"What is it, Mr Data." I ask in an authoritarian voice,

"Nothing, sir" he adds.

I look at Riker and Deanna with a puzzled expression. Data is always someone who will overdescribe something that we are about to see. To say 'nothing' is minimalist.

"Whatever is that supposed to mean, Mr Data" I say, slightly irritated, "Can you elaboarate."

"Not really, sir." he answers, "What the sensors are showing is nothing...a rift in space where there is nothing in it. no stars, no planets, no life."

I order the long range viewer to show what is on the video screen.

"We'll have to put some warnings around for starships to avoid that part of space." Riker comments, "Who knows what would happen if anyone went in it?"

"That will not be an adequate solution, Commander." Data replies, "Evidence shows that the gap in space is getting larger at a huge rate. Before long it will be the dominant part of the universe and not long after is all that will be....empty blackness with all life gone."

I groan. It looks like the Enterprise will be trying to save the universe again.

To be continued...


The Curmudgeon said...

Save the Universe or listen to a recap of the soaps? It looks like you've made your choice -- but I'm not sure which way I'd go were I in your place.

Susan said...

Poor Data, he always gets to deliver the bad news.......

Gordon said...

Hmm well I say a couple of quantum singularity torpedoes in the side pocket should work..
You did remember to pick them up didn't you?

Ellee Seymour said...

Good luck to the Enterprise!

Linda said...

Well that's definitely one big black hole right there. Be interesting to see how this one goes!

Jean-Luc Picard said...

Now did I remember to pick up the quantum singularity torpedoes before we left?