Monday, January 10, 2011

Jenny Versus The Baroness (Part Two)

My shuttle lands during a dark night on the planet Tarsus IV. Captain Picard has asked me to catch a female criminal named The Baroness, who is making technological robberies on the planet. The Federation refuse to help officially, as the planet is not part of their group, but we need their membership, so it is being done 'off the books' we me on a solo mission.


I put on my black leather outfit and arm myself with my multiphase disruptor. It looks like I'll have to be careful; out there. I'm wearing the same outfit as the Baroness does. I don't want to get arrested by the authorities and thrown in the pokey!

Now where to go? If the police force here can't find this elusive woman, how am I going to.

I suddenly hear a sound behind me. I twist round.

"Welcome to Tarsus IV, Jenny!" says a soft, female voice from up above.

She must have leapt up on the roof. I follow her. It seems like the Baroness is here to welcome me. I doubt there will be drink and cakes. Anybody playing like this is going to get a mouthful of my disruptor!

"Come on out, Baroness!" I call, "We've got business to settle!"

"Actually, Jenny." says the voice, "I've got something to say to you as well, Can we have a truce for three minutes?"

"Very well." I grudgingly say, and set my alarm. In three minuites and one a second, she'll be history.

With that, a figure steps out of the shadows.

"Hello, Jenny." the woman says, "I'm the Baroness. I must say, I've always admired your style."

"Really?" I reply, noticing she is also carrying a multiphase disruptor. The woman looks so much like appearance, uniform and weapon choice, it's uncanny.

"Let's put down our disruptors and talk." says the Baroness, "I have an interesting proposition for you. Please call me Anastasia."

"I prefer not to." I gruffily answer, "I'll have to kill you soon."

The Baroness sighs.

"Very well, Jenny." she continues, "You are so much like myself, I think it would be for the benefit of us both if we joined forces and worked as a team. Together, we would be invincible!"

To be continued....


The Curmudgeon said...

Too much alike? Familiarity breeds contempt. Maybe the truce really should only last three minutes.

Michael Manning said...

Captain: While a bit off subject, my condolences to the people of England for the passing of a great Director we in America admired tremendously, Peter Yates. Many of us are just now learning about his death.

Gordon said...

I wonder who this baroness is really, someone who obviously looks up to Jenny in the style department..