Monday, January 17, 2011

Jenny Versus The Baroness (Part Four)

Guest Poster: Jennifer Baxter

I'm on Taurus IV, doing an unofficial mission for Captain Picard. I'm trying to stop the Baroness from stealing valuable technology. Her real name is Anastasia Cobray, and dresses like I do in black leather. The Baroness unsucessfully tried to persauade me to team up with her in stealing things, claiming we are alike. I turned her down, and am mdetermined to stop her once and for all.


This will be the big finale, I'm sure. Now I know that top secret government technology is being housed in a warehouse, I'm going there to put paid to this woman once and for all!

When I do, I lie in wait. Fortunately I picked up fome snacks at Ted's Donut, Pizza and Burger Emporium before I got here. It could be a long night.

Mmmmm. That was delicious. I'll have to stop by and have another pizza on the way back. Hold on. I think I've heard something.

I look in my infra red glaases...something I picked up at Jeff's Spy Store. Ah, there she is...

I jump from the trees where I was hiding and land on the ground. Ouch! Remind me not to do THAT again. Quickly I pick myself up and get my multiphase disruptor and knife all ready, then rush through a small tunnel and out to surprise her.

"You're SO predictable, Jenny." purrs the Baroness, "As we are alike, I can tell everything you are going to do."

"So can I, Anastasia." I reply tartly, "Shall we spend this fight trying to read each other's mind, or settle this for good?"

"Such a pity." she smiles, "You would have been the perfect partner. Very well, Jennifer. Lets finish it."

Before she finishes, her disruptor releases a beam of energy which just grazes my arm. The pain is immense, but I'm still in one piece and not disintegrated. Villains are supposed to finish their speech before firing. Doesn't she know that?

We run towards each other and clash, knocking the disruptors out of our hands. We hit and wrestle on the ground. I have to be careful as there is a clifftop nearby. As we get near the edge, we get hold of our disruptors. Anastasia does first, but the ground beneath her crumbles and she plummets into the darkness below.

I look over a ledge nearby, but can see nothing.


Several hours later, I am back in Captain Picard's Ready Room.He is sipping his Earl Grey, while I munch on one pf the hundred pizzas I picked at Ted's Donut, Pizza and Burger Emporium before beaming back.

"Is the Baroness dead or not, Jennifer." asks the Captain.

"I spent a while searching the ground below, sir." I reply, "There is no sign of her anywhere. It's my opinion that Anastasia Corbray has faked her death and has escaped from Taurus IV. Sooner or later, when something comes up, she'll reappear."

"Well the government of Taurus IV are happy as she has stopped stealing, but we'll be ready for her wherever the Baroness turns up." says the Captain.

"So will my disruptor." I comment, "The Baroness and I have a score to settle. There's only room for one black leather clad woman in this galaxy!"


Ciera said...

Black leather isn't Starfleet issue, but heck, Troi got away with wearing the lopsided blue dress! lol

The Curmudgeon said...

I would have thought that an entire Galaxy would be big enough for only two leather-clad women. Once again, I find that I am mistaken.

Linda said...

Jenny might want to lay off so many of those pizzas or the Baroness will be the only black leather-clad woman in the universe once Jenny no longer fit into her outfit!

Gordon said...

Hmm yeah bet she fell and transported out...
Cleaver.. She will be back... but then again someone will be waiting.