Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Jenny Verus The Baroness (Part Three)

Guest Poster: Jennifer Baxter

I'm now face to face with the Baroness on the planet Taurus IV. She has been robbing the authorities of valuable technology, but as the planet is not part of the Federation, so we can't officially help. However, as we need their membersdhip, the Captain has sent me down on an 'unofficial' mission to stop her. Like me, the Baroness wears a leather outfit and carries a multiphase disruptor as a weapon. However, in a small truce, she has given me an extraordinary offer...


"You've GOT to be kidding!" I sneer, "Why should I ever want to join you in your crime wave. I came hear to stop you. When the next minute of this truce ends, you're gonna be history, sweetie."

"Don't kid yourself, Jennifer." the Baroness replies, "Look at us. We are identical and cut from the same cloth, and are virtually the same woman. The only thing that keeps you in the Ferderation is that walking tin can, Data."

My anger rises at this, such as when Data forgets yo put his emotion chip in.

"Data is more man than you could ever realise, Anastasia." I tell her, "He keeps me more than satisfied in our relationship."

"You have very low expectations, then, Jenny!" she laughs, "So glad you used my real first name. Does that mean you're getting to like me and we can forge an alliance."

"Forget it, Baroness." I tell her, "My major expectatrion is to see you on a mortuary slab. Twenty seconds left."

"My, such crudity, Jennifer." the Baroness sneers, "Well, I must be off. I've got som,e more shopping to do. This planet has some useful technology."

The Baroness somersaults up into the air and on to the roof. A few seconds later the truce is over, and I follow her up there, but she has gone.

Next time there won't be any truces! I'll call the coroner and book an appointment for Anastasia Cobray!

I look on my Taurus IV website. It looks like there is a powerful new weapon in storage at a warehouse, due to be tested in a couple of days. Now if I were the Baroness, thast's where I'd go next. She did say we are virtally identical women. If I start thinking like her, it's gonna be her downfall!

To be continued after the TWQ....


Gordon said...

Or your downfall Jenny, be careful. I have a funny feeling someone is playing both sides here.

The Curmudgeon said...

We don't have another alt-universe thing happening here, do we?

Ciera said...

I almost thought I'd ant one of those suits...but I bet they pinch in places I can't mention!

nice story JLP :)

Ciera said...


Ellee Seymour said...

Stay strong captain and stick to your convictions.

Michael Manning said...

"Cut from the same cloth"? :D))!

Yes, I agree with Ellee. "Stay strong, Captain". Do not be seduced!

Linda said...

Hmm, Curmudgeon may be on to something with that alternate universe thing going on again!

Garry said...

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