Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Trouble On Wondawowman (Part Two)

Guest Poster: Karena

There is a constitutional crisis on the amazonian planet of Wondawowman, where I come from. I group of amazons are planning to depose my mother, Queen Diana, and put my mischievous sister Nexa on the throne instead. The USS Rhode Island is rushing to help and sort it out diplomatically.

Why can't things run normally for a change? I'll have to sharpern my spear, I think.


Captain Eika Hernandez, Commander Mark Hathaway, Wes and myself beam down, hopefully in order to sort this out. As we walk through the forest to the main city, we are greeted by a huge woman, who bars our way.

"Wh..whoever's that." whispers Wes in my ear, "She has muscles on her muscles."

I tell him to relax.

"So you have gone over to the other side, Vorga?" I say sternly, "I should have guessed a troublemaker like you would. The Queen was always having to discipline you."

"She won't be Queen much longer, Karena." Vorga sneers at us, "Right now, she is under house arrest, waiting to be exiled. The we shall have Queen Nexa to rule over us. What a glorious time that will be."

I rush forward to her, and take her by surprise. The two of us go down and after a scuffle, she is knocked unconsious.

"Well done, Ensign." says the Captain, "Let's go to the main city."

A little while later, we hear the sound of running water and soon get to see what it is.

One of the amazons is walking in the lake near the waterfall.

Commander Hathaway's eyes pop out as he sees her, as he seems to think it's Christmas and his birthday all together. As the Captain nudges him, I have to give Wes a nudge as he gasps in amazement.

"Hello, Juliana." I say calmly to her. She turns around and smiles in relief.

"Oh Karena!" says the blonde haired beauty, "Things have been so difficult here. Vorga, Felicia and Yalana have been causingb trouble. They've tried to convince Nexa that the Queen needs replacing, and she believes it. They've but the Queen under house arrest."

"Yes." I say, "But that won't be for long."

"Ensign" says the Captain, "We came to sort it out diplomatically, I don't think we can..."

"We have to, Captain." I say without hesitation, and gripping my spear, "This is my home planet. Are you with me?"

She and Hathaway look at each other, nod, and the five of us head for the main city.

To be continued after the next TWQ...


The Curmudgeon said...

I don't know what will happen ultimately... but I'm pretty sure Hathaway's going to get a spear poked in his ribs at some point.

Ellee Seymour said...

I must say I would love to visit the Amazon too one day. Can I join the crew on your spaceship?

Linda said...

Perhaps Commander Hathaway needs to be left behind as a Federation Ambassador so these sorts of things don't happen again. I'm sure he'd jump at the post!

The Mistress of the Dark said...

Very interesting.....I imagine spears will be flying soon. Hope Wes will be ok.

Gordon said...

Wes will be fine, it's Hathaway I'd be worried about or maybe that should be the ladies of wondawoman.
I do think a few spears will meet their mark. I would be surprised if the brig ends up a little full..

Jean-Luc Picard said...

Linda, I think you're right. Mark Hathaway would jump at the chance to be Ambassador of the amazon long as it's not Vorga who gets him!

Michael Manning said...

I busted out laughing about the Amazon walking near the water. I would think it was an early Christmas too! ;>

Fly Girl said...

Sharpen your spear girl!