Thursday, August 27, 2009

Trouble On Wondawowman (Part Five)

Guest Poster: Karena

With Captain Hernandez, Commander Hathaway, my pumpkin hubby Wes, my mother Queen Diana, my sister Nexa and my friend Juliana all under house arrest on Wondawowman, things are looking grim. My bitter enemy Yalana is about to take the throne, supported by her cohorts Yorga and Felicia.


"What are we gonna do, honeybunch?" Wes asks me as we are thrown in the prison where my mother is, "Before we know it we're gonna be separated from our heads or something like that!"

"Calm down, Wes." I tell him, "We'll sort this out."

I go towards my mother.

"Daughter." she says, "I am pleased to see you, though not in these circumstances that your traitorous sister has placed us in. "

"I'm sorry, mother." wails Nexa, "I was persuaded by Yalana and her friends. I never meant it to come to this."

"We will speak of this later, Nexa." my mother says firmly, "Right now, we should find a way out of here. I have been told that Yalana's coronation will take place very soon."

"What I don't understand is how the amazons of this planet let it happen." chips in Wes, "Obviously your family line has been loved and respected. Why should they turn on you?"

"They never did." explains my mother, "Just a few rabblerousers like Yalana and Felicia have given the impression that they have wider support than they have. Foolishly, I didn't stop it when I could have done. They have made one mistake, though."

"What's that, Queen Diana?" asks Commander Hathaway.

"I have seen the earth movie The Great Escape." my mother smiles, "Just like the Germans, Yalana has put all the problems in one basket. Four amazons will not be easy to contain."

We look around and see that the eastern wall is the weakest.

"Very well." the Queen declares, "I, along with Karena, Nexa and Juliana will use all our strength against it. You three humans may help as well."

"Glad to know we can assist!" Commander Hathaway comments drily, "Even though we are so weak."

At the count of three, we all rush forward and hit the wall. It is badly damaged, but still standing. Commander Hathaway complains that his shoulder is aching.

"Don't be a wimp, Mark." Captain Hernandez tells him, "If we don't get out of here, you won't have to worry about your shoulder much longer, as your head will be separated from your body."

All of us go to the wall, and this time it collapses. We all emerge from the dust and rubble.

"We're out, mother." I say, "Let's go and stop Yalana from taking the throne.

To be continued after the TWQ...


The Curmudgeon said...

Given the average Amazon's strength you'd think they'd build their prisons a little stronger.

Queen Diana should keep this in mind if she regains her throne.

Especially if she manages to capture Vorga. She looks like she could take four or five Amazons all by herself.

One other suggestion: Put Hathaway and Wes on point. If any surprises lurk ahead, well, no loss, know what I mean? (Actually, it's hard to decide which of them to put furthest in front, isn't it?)

EastCoastLife said...

Looks like the Queen already has a plan to take back her throne. :)

Anonymous said...

This is quite intriguing. I think I should read the rest of the previous parts. Anyway, Tanya sent me here.