Thursday, September 01, 2005

In Space Dock

The Enterprise has limped back to Earth after the battle with the Vargh.

"Why is it you keep needing it repaired, Captain?" an Admiral asks me, "The Enterprise is such a regular in there. All the mechanics know every nut and bolt on it. Do you realise the cost of insurance premiums on it?"

As a result, we are all on leave from Saturday 3rd until Sunday 11th September.

Data is going for a visit to the Doctor Noonian Soong Museum; he'd better be careful, or the guards might think he's an exhibit trying to escape.

Geordi is going back to the pleasure planet Rigel IV. The authorities have been warned about him, as he caused so much trouble last time. I'm not going to bail him out of prison for the unruly behaviour this time.

Worf is going to the Klingon homeworld; he wants to learn any new drinking songs. I hope he doesn't find any, as this is quite embarrassing, especially late at night in a Ten Forward staff break.

Deanna and Riker are off to Betazed; they are staying with Lwaxana, Deanna's mother.

Riker isn't eactly keen on the idea; he has pleaded with Beverly to say he is too ill to travel, but she says she can't falsify information.

So he's going to Betazed.

Deanna asked me quietly if I knew a woman called 'JD'. I told her I didn't, and she looked disappointed. She seems to be checking the databases.

I wonder what that is all about.

Beverly says she's going to Starfleet Academy to spend some time with her son, Wesley.


I'm off to Torquay on Saturday, on the south coast of England. It's part of the Torbay area that's called 'the English Riviera.


Superhero Bob said...

Have fun in Torquay! [does this mean we'll have nothing to read while you're away?!?! :'( ]

Tell the Admiral that all the repairs the Enterprise needs is actually an undercover operation to keep the maintenance crews on their toes.

MommaK said...

So you're leaving us for a bit?? I hope you enjoy your vacation. I loved your limerick:)

Better Safe Than Sorry said...

have a great time!

Raehan said...

Sounds wonderful. Have fun.

J Anderson said...

But whio would be your chief engineer? Also why would a Frenchman go to the lovely England? France is perfect, or that's what the French think!

Nachum said...

There's a good hotel in Torquay- something Towers, I think.

Stationery Queen said...

Have a nice shore leave, Captain. Don't get that bald head sunburned or anything like that.


mrsmogul said...

I've been to Torquay! It's nice! Though Planet Gluk Gluk I hear is the new French riviera.

Jean-Luc Picard said...

There will be something to keep you occupied. Watch this space!

Trinity13 said...

I think it would be impossible for Deanna to falsify anything on Betazed...especially to her mother.

Why don't you do with them Cap't! I know how much Lwaxana likes you!

Nic said...

Dear Captain Picard, you will be missed on your trip. I hope you have a wonderful vacation though and get some much needed rest and relaxation!

nobody said...

Have fun in Torquay!

Btw, tell Riker I laughed at him for going to see Lwaxana.

Anonymous said...

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