Saturday, September 17, 2005

TWQ: The Burning House

This week's TWQ involves some decisions you may have to make in a hurry; let's hope you never do.

Not counting relatives and pets, what five things would you rescue from your burning house first?

Here are my choices:

1: Hard drive computer
2: Photo albums
3:Favourite overcoat
4: Sheridan bedspread
5:As many DVD & VHS tapes as possible.

Now it's over to you...


-E said...

1. The stuffed animals I sleep with- yeah I am 23 and still sleep with a teddy bear, shut up.
2. The painting my mom gave me when I was a debutaunte.
3. Photos
4. My cameras
5. DVDs

Michele sent me.

kenju said...

This is something I've thought about:
1. computer
2. camera
3. photos
4. jewelry
5. a bisque statue my mom gave me

Michele sent me.

chatty said...

1. Laptop
2. Digital camera
3. Wedding album
4. Some jewelry
5. an old framed photo of hubby and I where there is no copy to be found.

Michele sent me!

Jo Jo The Monkeyboy's Ghost said...

1. My crate of bananas
2. My banana cream pie
3. My banana daiquiri blender
4. My only copy of "A sidekick's Guide to Sidekickery"
5. My collection of Monkeyboy plates from the US Mint.

Ciera said...

I think JoJo has a small banana addiction.

Let's see. % things in a hurry.

1. My Nelson Study Bible [it has lost of cool notes in it]
2. The plastic angel treetopper that my friend Paigey gave me. It actually sits on my booksshelf all year long.
3. My purse, of course.
4. My computer disks with my story on it.
5. And I'd find a bag and shove as many books into it that I could [especially if they were borrowed from someone else!!]

Indigo said...

Michele sent me:
I'd take:
1. my cuddle pillow
2. my burt's bees lip balm
3. my husband's Rolex watch from his grandfather
4. my antique gold wedding band that I got from my grandmother
5. my journals

Angie said...

2.Mine, and all 3 kids "blankies" (I'm counting that as one thing. sorry if that is cheating.)
4.a change of clothes(for the whole family)
5.file that contains birth certificates and SS cards and wedding license..all that important stuff.

I'm not very good at is hard to narrow it down. :)

Nic said...

1.Pictures/photos/albums/digital camera (yes I am counting all of those as 1 b/c they are all photos/pictures and my camera has photos on there that I haven't gotten off yet)
2.Clothing/shoes/ID for Emily and myself
3.My laptop with media and power cords
4.My guns/ammo (those suckers are EXPENSIVE these days)
5.My and Emily's favorite books and DVD's

My favorite Bible is in my car so that's a moot point.

psssst, i added onto the post you read earlier if you want to com back and take another look.

Better Safe Than Sorry said...

1. photo albums
2. baby books
3. baby collectables
4. recipe books
5. my purse and wallet with all my id

Sol said...

Here from Michele's.. cause I went out of order.

I think I'd take:
1. Pictures
2. PC
3. Laptop
4. ID
5. Medicine
Oh wait, I have American Indian artifacts, maybe I'll transfer the computer stuff and take one of those and take the Indian things. Oh, my mom's jewelry.. Can I have more than five? Oh, I know... I'll take one thing. A big box filled with the things I want to save?? That's probably cheating though. Choosing only five is hard!

Bill said...

To save five things not counting family and pets? Hmmm....

1. My bible.
2. Important documents (marriage liscense, birth certificates, social security cards) are all in one box, so that's one item, right?
3. Car keys.
4. Digital camera
5. My tuba.

Guess that's it.

Carmi said...

Photo albums
Writer's fedora

Fire is my worst fear...I don't even want to think about it.

Back from Michele's. It's always a lovely visit!

Shelley said...

I'm with Carmi. Dont want to think about the fire itself, but if I had to grab 5 things they would be:

1) My ID and purse with car keys
2) Photo albums - as many as I can
3) Video tapes with my children and family memories on them
4) My engagement ring that's busted up and waiting to get fixed
5) Clothing and my kids' BLANKIES. My daughter and I have already discussed the face that I will not go back into the burning inferno for her blankie so it better be handy.

Good question!

Heather said...

1. Photos and photo Albums
2. Home movies
3. Important Files
4. My jewelry box
5. My son's stuffed puppy

Ciera said...

Since I don't have family or pets to rescue - I'm going to cheat and grab five more things......1. cd's 2. checkbook [which is never in my purse where it belongs] 3. the jewelry from the bathroom 4. my favorite dress-up dress [which I hardly ever get to wear!] 5. the picture of my mom and dad on the entertainment center.

Trinity13 said...

1. Any pictures/photo albums I can get my hands on
2. My digital camera (since it has pics on it)
3. The baby quilt my great grandmother made me
4. My sons two fav stuffed animals
5. The file box that stores all my family's important info

kenju said...

Hi, Jean-Luc, Michele sent me back. I just thought of another thing I would take: my notebook of blog posts. I print the ones I like the best and put them in a notebook for my grandchildren to read when they are older.

MommaK said...

1) my purse
2) my laptop
3) jewelry
4) my fire proof safe full of birth certificates & passports ( I know they say its fire proof , but I'd grab it anyway)
5)all of our clothes

BarbaraFromCalifornia said...

1. Photo albums
2. Computer
3. Violin
4. art (including judaica)
5. passports, birthcertificates, identification and documents.

Indigo said...

okay, Michele sent me for a 2nd trip back into the burning house, so I'm going to take #6-10.

6. my palm pilot
7. my cell phone
8. my Howard Miller mantle grandfather clock
9. wienie the dog, which is a porcelian dog that was my grandpa's and held his jewelry
10. Ty Jr.

Kross-Eyed Kitty said...

My jewellery, my persian rugs, photo albums, passport, purse
thanks for stoping by my blog today!

Kevin said...

Here today from Michele's.

Interesting question. Photo albums are a must. My computer can burn (I'd love to get a new one). The only other things worth rescuing are, like yourself, as many CDs/DVDs as possible. But if I can only grab a handful, I grab anything and everything by Marshall Crenshaw and the Pursuit of Happiness -- a singer/songwriter and a band that practically nobody have heard of.

TC said...

My CPU, my daughter's blanket, photo album, my purse, my camera

TC said...

michelle sent me

dddragon said...

1. Photos
2. Computer disks (hard drive & CD files)
3. Box of baby memoribilia
4. Financial records (The Happy Capitalist posted about this.)
5. The drawing Chris Saunders (Lilo and Stitch) gave me.

Zeppellina said...

I`m afraid I never play by the rules, forgive me, but none of the above list.
Being an artist, I have, like other artists, collected other peoples artwork,
paintings, drawings, glassware, textiles and ceramics.
If my house caught fire, I would go for the textiles first, being the most fragile, then paintings and glassware, then ceramics.
God help the poor fireman who tries to get in my way!
Good post!

Zeppellina said...


And I should say, my darling, That it is a good user name, and you do so tell a good story....but.....


celeste said...

1. Photo albums
2. photo frames on walls
3. home video recordings
4. jewelry handed down by grandma or mom
5. binders from my reading classes (I have to study for and take my Comps this November!!!!)

Cool post, this was fun :)

Niobium said...

1. My two Phelps books (does that count as two items?)
2. Disc with family tree on it
3. Photos/negatives
4. Nana's pearls
5. Camera

InterstellarLass said...

1) China cabinet contents
2) Jewelry boxes (3)
3) Photo albums
4) File boxes with vital papers
5) Fur coat

Jean-Luc Picard said...

Great response, everybody. The common denominator seems to be photo albums. None of us would like to lose our memories. Hard Drives are important as well. Enjoyed seeing what else you all chosen.

Anonymous said...

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