Thursday, September 22, 2005

Planning The Party

Today, the senior staff are having one of the most urgent meetings of the year.

We're planning the Enterprise Christmas Party.

Riker asks, "Which band shall we have playing there?"

"How about Sid Starr and The Starrlighters?" suggests Data.

"No way!" replies Geordi, "They are really old fashioned. I think Sid was leading that orchestra when Guinan was young,,,and she's 600 years old!"

"We want someone a little more groovy and up to date." Deanna says, "How about The Flesheaters?"

"Who are they?" I enquire.

"They're an earsplitting heavy metal rock band from the planet Saurus. They used to er, eat things during the act, but they have toned that down now."

"I don't think that's what we're looking for, Deanna" I say to her, "We want a relaxed party, where people can enjoy themselves. Don't forget everybody in the Guest Quarters, as well as the regular personal.I'll pencil Sid in for the moment, but I'll look elsewhere. Now what about food?"

"We need to have plenty of Klingon food." Worf declares immediately.

"Aren't you the only Klingon?" I ask.

"Err, yes, Captain"

"I'll get a small supply of Bahgol, Gagh, Gladst and Bloodwine. Is that alright?"

"Yes, Captain. I'll need Rokeg Blood Pie as well, though."

I say alright and ask about other suggestions.

"Romulan Ale"
"Bajoran Brandy"
"Hasperat Souffle"
"Utterberry Crepe,"
"Aldorian Ale"
"Lots of chocolate."
"I'Danian Spice Pudding."
"Plomeek Soup."
"Jumbo Mollusc"
"Cihicken Tetrazini"
"Yamok Sauce"
"Jumja Tea"
"Dom Perignon champagne"
"Pecan Pie"
"Ice cream..all flavours"
"Pipius Claw"

Whew! All these dishes and drinks will keep the stockroom full or the replicator going until it runs out.

"Meeting closed for now." say, 'We'll reconvene another time."

As we leave, Beverly asks me a quiet question, away from everyone else.

"Jean-Luc, have you thought about who you will be having the important First Dance with?"

"There are some in the Guest Quarters who have asked me, Beverly."

"Well, don't forget me, Jean-Luc." she says softly, as she leaves the room.

I may have a diplomatic problem when the Party takes place.


Ciera said...

I am soooo pulling out my roll of duct tape!

nobody said...

The captain has a big choice on his hands... who to pick for the first dance?

If there's a cat fight, I wanna see it.

You're such a ladies' man, Captain.

Raehan said...

Oh my.

It seems we both like French artists. I posted a painting for you. I like the Olympia. That's for referring me to it.

What were the flowers for? Just wondering.

Raehan said...

Oh my.

It seems we both like French artists. I posted a painting for you. I like the Olympia. That's for referring me to it.

What were the flowers for? Just wondering.

Trinity13 said...

What problem? You dance with your future wife first...heehee!

Better Safe Than Sorry said...

planning ahead, love it!

Jon the Intergalactic Gladiator said...

Rokeg Blood Pie? Yech.

Carol said...

Sounds like the party of the millenium.

Ethan Hunt said...

Dude it sucks your party is in the Future.

-xtessa- said...

ok... save the last dance for beverly. it's more romantic. everyone knows the first dance is more of an obligation really.

then tell bev you saved the best for last, then whisk her away to your quarters.


Shelley said...

What a tart that Beverly is. She needs to cool her boots with JLP. Know what would be funny? If someone slipped her some Klingon Bloodwine and get that party STARTED!

Stationery Queen said...

See, Worf wanting Klingon food, even though he'll be the only one there.. I hate when people don't cook or buy food for the masses. My in-laws are FAMOUS for this -- buying pizza with everything, including anchovies! I'm just a cheese pizza kind of girl. Shouldn't they have at least one plain pizza for people like me?!?!? UGH!!!

My work's Christmas party this year, for the first time, is at a REALLY great restaurant! Can't wait!

BarbaraFromCalifornia said...

I like the losts of chocolate idea...Sounds like it will be a glorious event.

I notice that you like Proust and Shakespeare, a rather unusual combination! On a side note, the King John was modernized last night, at least the costumes, and the gestures of the actors, but not the language.

-E said...

I like the idea of the champagne :)

Michele sent me.

Professor Xavier said...

That menu sounds - wait for it - out of this world! Out of this world. Get it? Outer space? Pretty good, huh?

Jean-Luc Picard said...

Planning a party can be difficult. Not everyone is partial to Plomeek Soup and Rokeg Blood Pie.

Xtessa, you might have a good diplomatic solution there.

Barbara, I would always want to see Shakespeare in old-style dress, not a 'modern interpretation'.

SQ, good luck on your office party.

Raehan, glad you like 'Olympia'. It's my view that the flowers are a gift from a client, as it is meant to be set in a brothel.

Professor Xavier, you seem to look like me, somewhat.

Professor Xavier said...

I did notice a strange similarity between us. I'm sure it's just a coincidence.

Anonymous said...

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