Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Doctor's New Assistant (Part Two)

Guest Poster: The Doctor

Though I objected at first to having a human medical assistant to help me in SickBay, I have been rather pleased with Penelope Delmara, a Spanish beauty who likes to be called Penny. She is also an expert with holograms and the rights they have. Penny is a campaigner to increase the rights.


"Hello Joe." she says to me, as Penny has insisted that all holograms should have a name, she has given me this one until I decide on one for myself. I must admit, I am getting rather used to the name and am getting to like it.

Penny is wearing a beautiful blue blouse that looks just right with her dark hair. What am I thinking? My programming seems to be going into unfamiliar territory.

"Joe?" she asks "Are you all right?"

"Err...yes, Penny." I hesitantly say, "Is there something you want?"

"I'm off duty now." she tells me, "I'm going to the holodeck, and inserting a beach program. Do you want to join me there?"

"Well. as a hologram I have some extra hours." I tell her.

"Nonsense!" Penny angrily says, "Holograms are not slaves. You have duty times just the same as other life forms. Come to Holodeck 2 in twenty minutes."

A short while later, I enter the holodeck to see a beautiful beach, with ocean water in the distance. The sun is beating down. There seems to be no one around.

"Still in your uniform, Joe!" Penny laughs, as I suddenly see her just to my right, under a sunshade in a black one-piece swimsuit, "We'll have to do something about that!"

Penelope calls up the Arch and adjusts some programming on it. Suddenly, my Starfleet uniform has changed into a pair of tiny beach shorts!"

"Penny!" I exclaim.

"My, don't you look rugged and handsome?" she says, "Come and lie next to me and put some sun tan lotion on my skin."

"I've never worn anything like these shorts before." I say, looking at the only garments I have on.

"Then be thankful I remembered to include them in the programming, Joe!" Penny smiles.

We both smile at this, then laugh at loud.


The Curmudgeon said...

Hmmmm. It may be that the holographic doctor's rights begin and end where Penny says they do. Did she just order the good doctor to the holodeck? Still, at the risk of sounding sexist, I can understand his interest in taking Penny's orders....

Bright and shiny new look, Jean-Luc.

Michael Manning said...

Now comes "Penelope Delmara"! I love this website!!! :D)