Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Sheena's Sister

Guest Poster: Sheena

Things have been a little quiet lately in the jungle. I've managed to negotiate a truce between the various animals so that each can have a season in which to eat each other. Out of that season, they must live in complete harmony.

I'm a clever Queen of the Jungle! My ability to talk to all animals, which developed when I was stuck in a mysterious obelisk left by the Doolittle race of beings. I shot up from a baby to a seventeen year old instantly.

Mac, the chimpanzee approaches me.

"Sheena." he begins, there is a human around who I think is looking for you. She has short blonde hair and is carrying a spear and a young baby."

My mother, Karena. Who, though, is the baby?

I run quickly to the point that Mac described. I haven't seen my mother in some time.

We see each other and hug.

"My darling Sheena!" she exclaims, but tries not to look too emotional, as it's not the sort of thing an amazon should do.

"My dear daughter." she says proudly , " I'd like to introduce you to your new sister, Monica."

"Sister!" I exclaim in shock, "Mother, you did not even tell me you were with child!"

"I'm sorry, Sheena." she answers, "Communication is poor out here, and we can only visit with starships. You have no videoscreens. Not even the ancient Skype system."

"Does she talk to animals like I do?" I ask enquiringly.

"She doesn't talk at all, but does throw a good six inch spear." my mother tells me, "I am not taking her a mile from that awful obelisk. It took away your childhood, darling."

"I don't mind." I tell her, "I feel rather unique as a result and special."

"You were special anyway." she says sweetly.


After a few hours, in which I introduce my sister and mother to my jungle friends. This took a little cajoling, as I had to persuade the lions and tigers not to eat them, and Karena not to spear them.

At departure time, we forget we are amazons and have a little cry between us before my mother band sister beam away.

"Oh, one last thing, darling." my mother says, reddening, "Do I need to tell you about the facts of life?"

"No, mother!" I answer, "Those details were all part of the program that was downloaded into me when the obelisk increased my age."

"That's a relief!" she tells me, "It's one thing I didn't need to do with you. I'll see you later, Sheena."

The two figures vanish into thin air.


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The Curmudgeon said...

Even Amazons should enjoy a good cry every now and again. It might do wonders for the attitude of Karena's scheming sister.

Linda said...

Yep, everyone needs a good cry to clear the emotions every so often - it's nice to know that Amazons can do that, too, though I doubt they would stoop so low as to use tissues!

Michael Manning said...

Jean-Luc Picard: Leave it to you to shake things up in the jungle! If this blog site became a television series, it would be watched by millions! :)