Saturday, December 10, 2011

TWQ: Christmas Changes

This week, TWQ (the Weekend Question) asks how you thinbk Christmas has changed from how it was when you were young.

How has Christmas and the run up to it changed over the years from when you were younger? List as many as you can.

My answers are:

1: Far more secular. So many people are embarrassed to mention it in case it offends minorities.

2: Carol singers in shopping centres are 'moved on' as they get in the way of the shops.

3: Less cards seem to be given out at office and the quality has lessened.

4: The quality of TV programmes are now abysmal on British TV. Instead of all fresh programmes over Christmas, the vast majorirty are repeats, soaps and family Christmas films that no one would watch.

Now it's over to you.....


Linda said...

For starters, the season starts WAY too soon these days and you're made to feel like a bad shopper if you've not spent more money than you have a lot sooner than you should.

The amount of Christmas cards that I both send out and receive have dwindled down to almost nothing.

I'm afraid to say "Merry Christmas" just in case I might offend someone - but I do it anyway!

Michael Manning said...

Yes, Captain I agree with you about the sad state of affairs with being cautious to say "Merry Christmas".

I feel like a rebel this year for mailing out about 50 Christmas Cards! : )

Gordon said...

Yes well I cut back on christmas cards this year but well for other reasons, It costs to much to post 'em..
I'm not afraid to wish someone a Merry Christmas, the only ones that take offence are those who just don't believe in anything ....
Micheal I did that last year... Man that was expensive but a lot were overseas, and in bundles..

Jean-Luc Picard said...

I'll my 'MERRY CHRISTMAS' to all those who view and add comments!