Monday, December 14, 2009

Returning From The Party

Guest Poster: The Borg Queen

Helped by Seven, I stagger to the beaming up point on Wondawowman, so that I can return to the Borg Cube. I've had SO much to drink, my head feels as if an anvil has dropped on it.

"Goodbye for a while, my Queen." Seven says, "It has been pleasing to see you."

"It has been as good to see you, Seven." I reply, "Keep up the observing work on the Enterprise."

With that, I beam up and appear on the Cube transporter. I am greeted by two of my minions, who seem keen to tell me something, but my head is splitting. I can barely hear what they say, except something about someone being here.

I'll work it out later. Right now I need some strong black coffee and a cold shower. There are some things that us Borg have learnt from humans!

I walk along to the Bridge Room of the Cube, holding my head, in case it falls off. Since I am built of different parts, that is highly probable right now.

As I enter the room, I am aware of another figure sitting in my Command Chair, who gets up when she sees me.

You!" I say, my mind instantly alert. It seems like the presence of this wretched creature has removed my hangover faster than coffee or shower could have done.

"So you've finally decided to honour the drones with your appearance, 01?" sneers the Troi Borg Queen, "You seemed to be enjoying yourself so much with the humans at their silly party, I thought you were going to stay there for good!"

"What are you doing here, 02?" I ask her, "Where is your Cube?"

"That's in orbit around this planet, just as yours is." she replies, "I must admit I had thought at one stage of taking all my drones down and assimilating everyone there, but that would have annoyed that weakling leader of ours, the Alpha Borg Queen."

"She gave her backing for the party." I snap back.

"So I'm aware." the Troi Borg Queen comments in a tired voice, "But the hardliners in the Borg race are growing, 01. before long, our leader will be swept from power and replaced by a tough regime who will assimilate everything in sight without mercy. All the supporters of the current Alpha Borg Queen will be terminated...anyd that means YOU will be first on the list, my dear 01!"

"And you'll be putting yourself forward as the new Alpha Borg Queen?" I ask, knowing the answer.

"Of course!" she chuckles.

"Get off my Cube." I warn her, "Your approach won't work, The Alpha Borg Queen will not tolerate troublemakers like you. You could plunge the Borg into civil war."

"Better that than you galavanting to parties given by humans while wearing a black minidress with plunging neckline" she sneers.

I think that her plastic outfit outfit that shows every curve is more revealing than anything I could wear.

The Troi Borg Queen heads towards the exit. I can see my drones slowly eying her outfit as she walks.

"Goodbye for now, 01" she says, "But mark my words. The hardliners will achieve victory over the Borg moderates. Then the galaxy will be ruled over us for evermore."

She strides out and beams back to her Cube.

What a thing to return to after a good Christmas party!


The Curmudgeon said...

I understand that the adrenaline surge from a crisis is supposed to make a hangover dissipate -- but that has not been my experience.

Actually, it's interesting to learn that Borg still get adrenaline surges; I might have thought they'd get lubricating oil surges or something like that....

Linda said...

Well that's a truly lousy ending to a good time - seems like there's always some wanna-be Queen out there making mischief!

Fly Girl said...

Umm, the changes of her becoming Alpha Borg Queen in that plastic jumpsuit just aren't very good.

The Mistress of the Dark said...

That outfit can't be comfy!

Gordon said...

01, want us to take out her cube, make it look like an accident.

Merlyn Gabriel said...

wow.... that's all I can say.

Ellee Seymour said...

they certainly keep you on your toes, captain.

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