Thursday, July 23, 2009

Borg Cultural Exchange (Part Five)

Guest Poster: Beverly Crusher

This is gonna be a bumby ride!

Originally, I went to the Borg Cube Unimatrix 01 as part of a cultural exchange, but it all went wrong when we travelled to the Delta Quadrant. The Borg Queen got injured in an attack by Species 8472, and gave the job of getting the Cube back home to me! I've managed to destroy three enemy vessels, but more are on the way!


The ships manned...if that's the Species 8472 close in on us as I give the word to engage the Transwarp engines.

The Cube shakes, as if it is starting to fall apart, and I hear the hum outside.

"Transwarp engaged" says the Have Mind in my Borg headphones, "Possible failure in ten minutes."

That attack has done a lot of damage.

"What about the enemy vessels?" I ask

"They are pursuing us in the Transwarp Route" the Mind duly tells me.

Drat, double drat and even triple drat! We can't have Species 8472 hanging around in our Quadrant. They will definately be a blight to the neighbourhood.

I think for a moment.

"Release all Borg weaponry on delayed timer behind us." I tell the Mind.

I watch the fun on the screen as massive explosions in the Transwarp Route take place behind us, destroying the enemy fleet.


The Cube holds together and we emerge near the Enterprise.

I send a message to the ship, and see Jean-Luc and the others on my screen.

"This is Acting Borg Queen Beverly Crusher calling the Enterprise." I say, "The Cultural Exchange is over."

Perhaps I shouldn't have said that. Jean-Luc just fainted.


As I go to the beaming point on the Cube back to the Enterprise, the Borg Queen emerges to greet me. She has a few bruises, but looks all right.

"Thank you for saving the Cube, Beverly." she says, "I am must grateful. When it comes to the time for you to be assimilated, I shall recommend you as Borg Queen material. You will be in charge of your own Cube!"

"Err...thank you, Queenie." I reply.

I think that was a compliment!


... Paige said...

the cube looks like a bunch of squashed car cubes pressed into a giant cube

Michael Manning said...

Captain, you always look relaxed! :)

Linda said...

Of course it was a compliment, Bev! And doesn't every woman want to be queen of her own cube??

Jean-Luc Picard said...

Linda, I guess they do!

Chris said...

I'm jealous. I want a cube. But who's ever heard of a Borg King? That's right..

Oh, and Netchick sent me. She says Hi.

docandwriter said...

There is just one flaw here.

The borg will stop at nothing to assimilate and they don't ask questions or talk first except for special circumstances where the borg queen is...horn... I mean...lonely.

The Mistress of the Dark said...

Yay Beverly!

Anonymous said...

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