Saturday, July 21, 2012

TWQ: Disappointments

This week, TWQ (the Weekend Question) looks at letdowns and disappointments.

What sort of letdowns and disappointments have you ever had? List as many as you wish.

My answers are:

* Two weeks ago I was told that I wasn't going to get a job I applied for, although I felt certain that I would.

* Earlier in the year, I was told I would be in the group facing mandatory redundancy, despite having worked there for 36 years.

* A necklace I sent off for as a present for someone turned out to be a cheap-looking item that was made in China.

Now it's over to you...


Empress Bee (of the high sea) said...

disappointments.... hmmm. thinking...

all i can think of is sarge being so sick for so long.

hope all goes well for you.

smiles, bee

The Mistress of the Dark said...

The last two years of no concerts and no vacations or real shopping trips because of my parents' health

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Michael Manning said...

I've yet to find a woman even remotely resembling the many fine characteristics of HRH Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge.

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The Curmudgeon said...

I'm disappointed that there have been no new posts here for so long.

Of course, reading this post, I understand why your absence has been so prolonged -- and I'm sorry.

But I hope you'll be back soon.

Michael Manning said...

Captain: Checking in on you to see if the crew is behaving!

Anonymous said...

Captain, when one door shuts another opens please keep the faith, things happen for a reason trust in yourself to find the answer it is within you, get up smile at yourself and all your you have achieved and update your blog!

People are waiting...

rashbre said...

Hoping you are, by now, discovering the next form of propulsion. Best regards, rashbre.

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elleeseymour said...

Hi Captain Picard,
I always wish I had travelled more and gone to university.
On a more positive note, merry Christmas to you and your family. Have fun. x

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Jim McKee said...

Captain, are you lost in the Delta Quadrant? Should I contact Starfleet for you? Let me know, I'm ready to help!

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rashbre centrak said...

Interesting how this comment stream is gradually collapsing into itself like an apposite space wormhole.

Stay bright.