Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Sheena, Queen Of The Jungle (Part Two)

Editors Note:

One year old Sheena has pressed a few buttons and found her way into a mysterious obelisk on Tarsus VI, which has closed behind her. No one knows she is there. While inside, she has pressed more buttons and a light has started to shine on her.


Guest Poster: Karena

"So where's she gone??" I yell at Wesley, while standing next to the obelisk, "She can't just have crawled off into the jungle. We were only gone a couple of moments!"

"Maybe she went into the obelisk?" he suggests.

"Oh yeah?" I sneer, "None of the crew could get inside. How do you suppose a tiny one year old girl happened to do so and just walk in?"

"Well, I must admit, the chances of that are slim." he concedes.

Captain Erika Hernandez approaches, shaking her head in disappointment.

"Now Karena, Wes." she says, "Don't worry. We are doing everything we can to find Sheena. The Enterprise is nearby and will be joining in the search. There doesn't seem to be an energy signature that took her off the planet, no other ships are nearby. It looks like an abduction. She is somewhere on this planet."

"And when I find her." I say angrily, "I'm gonna ventilate the kidnapper so much with my spear, there won't be any left afterwards!"


A few hours later, the Enterprise is here. My mother in law Bev, who is crying, holds me tight.

"Take it easy." she says through the sniffles, "We're going to find Sheena.. I won't let anyone take my granddaughter."

"This obelisk is impervious to all sensors." Captain Picard observes, "Most remarkable. Still, we can observe this after we have found little Sheena."


Several hours later, the area is declared viewed, and Sheena is not judged to be here. I let out a massive tribal wail that mothers do on our planet when their offspring has vanished. It also tends to give others nearby large headaches.

"She might be another part of Tarsus VI." Beverly tells me, "We'll comb every inch of this planet until we do."

The search party, plus the weeping figures of Bev and me depart from the area, leaving the mysterious obelisk behind.

To be continued after the TWQ.....


The Curmudgeon said...

Will this obelisk turn out to be an asteroid deflector too? Will Sheena operate it with her spear and save Tarsus VI, the Enterprise, and the Rhode Island to boot?

I'm guessing... no.

But I'm in suspense.

Not only am I worried about how Sheena will get out and what the obelisk is supposed to do, I'm also worried about how Wes and Kareena are going to get around the Federation version of the Department of Children and Family Services....

Linda said...

Hmmm, the Curmudgeon brings up a very valid point. No matter how this one turns out, Wes and Kareena may be in for some big trouble with the authorities!

Fly Girl said...

Well a child in distress is the most suspenseful plot I can think of.

Michael Manning said...

Suspense and mystery! ;)

Jean-Luc Picard said...

You're going to be surprised as to what happens.....